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Enhance your gift-giving experience with a personalized musical creation that will deeply resonate with your cherished recipients. Whether it be for your significant other, a family member, or a dear friend, surprise them with a distinctive composition tailored to encapsulate the essence of your unique bond.

Initiating the process involves a comprehensive interview wherein we delve into the intricacies of your relationship, unveiling the precious moments that define it. Collaboratively, we establish a timeline that aligns with your preferences, ensuring the timely creation and presentation of your bespoke song. The flexibility extends to your choice of delivery method, whether it be a recording, a live performance, a video, or a blend of all three.

Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate diverse budgets, with the all-inclusive $950 package offering a thorough 1-hour pre-songwriting interview, an exquisitely composed song, an intimate audio recording featuring acoustic guitar and vocals, a tastefully designed lyric sheet suitable for framing, and the musical chords to revisit the enchantment of the lyrics.

Furthermore, we offer enhancements and customizable options, including the possibility of a live performance upon request. Share your preferences with us, and we will provide a tailored quote to meet your specific requirements.

To obtain further details or to initiate the creation of your personalized song, kindly reach out to us.

The $950 package encompasses:

  • A 1-hour pre-songwriting interview
  • A uniquely crafted song derived from our interview
  • A recorded rendition featuring solo acoustic guitar and vocals
  • An audio recording of the song
  • A  beautifully designed lyric sheet 
  • A chord and lyric Sheet for a complete musical experience.


 I highly recommend asking Lisa to compose a personal song for you or someone you care about. The song I requested was written to reflect on my father's life. It's honest and powerful and I love it. It has turned out to be quite a therapeutic experience. My family will have this special gift to remember him forever. Thank you Lisa! 

Emily Do-Quang 

"Gift giving is an art that I hold in high regard. Throughout the 24 years of our marriage, I have strived to dazzle my wife with an array of exquisite and romantic gifts, always aiming to surprise and delight her. However, amidst all the finery and gestures of love, nothing has touched her heart as deeply as the gift of an original song created in collaboration with Lisa Richards for her birthday. It was a truly heartfelt experience, as I entrusted her with the task of capturing the essence of my wife's unique beauty. I am eternally grateful to Lisa Richards for her extraordinary talent and for bringing this beautiful creation to life. Her ability to translate emotions into melodies is truly a gift, and I am privileged to have collaborated with her on such a meaningful project."

Lane Rockford Orsak